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Back by popular demand!


TASTE REAL FOOD UK   is a new, not-for-profit association and I have recently joined TASTE REAL FOOD (Cheshire) and enjoy monthly meals with convivial company  in civilised surroundings - village halls, civic halls and baronial halls  No calorie counting here but a celebration of everything local and the best possible quality.  Our first meeting for this year began in February with GOURMET PIES from Simon Roberts of Simply Pie nr Whitchurch.  We began with 4 different pieces of cold pork pies to taste with CLIPPY’S delicious apple based chutneys made locally by Michelle McKenna.  The ultimate comfort food followed with a superb Beef and Ale Pie with light, flaky pastry and melt-in-the mouth Cheshire beef with spring onion mash, peas and apple and blackberry compote.  Do we drink at these events?  Of course, we take our own tipple – no corkage is charged.


MARCH offering was yet another delight. Fish and Chips (a subject close to my heart at the moment) and not any old f/c but FOSTERS of ALDERLEY EDGE – AWARD WINNING and one of the top 5 Chippies in the north-west.  Now I know why. Their haddock and cod (all from sustainable sources) came with golden batter, generous portion of fish and excellent crispy chips.  We had white bread and butter plus a large cup of tea.  Cherry Bakewell pudding from Cheshire Smokehouse topped up the calories.    Bliss.  Seating is at fixed wooden benches so not a lot of wriggle room – but worth it.    

There is a treat in store for APRIL, as, JAN GREENLAND, well-known member of the British Herb Society, has devised the menu for the evening and will charm us through the tasting with her own unique style.  We can look forward to smoked salmon, cream cheese and dill on pumpernickel bread.  Then parsleyed roulade of pork and chicken with mash and seasonal vegetables and fragrant rose cream (Jan’s own pannacotta interpretation) 
MAY brings the delights of locally grown asparagus.  By now you are probably drooling so I will just suggest that you visit their website www.tasterealfood.com <http://www.tasterealfood.com/> .  You might like to join – and we might meet up one day over a tasty Cheshire dish.
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