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Knutsford GROW
(Garden Regeneration Over Ward) is a Voluntary Organisation which offers a valuable & essential service to some of Knutsford's elderly and disabled people. Volunteers are on hand each week to help mow, trim, strim, weed, dig or whatever is needed to keep Knutsford's gardens in check!
Knutsford GROW is always on the look out for more Volunteers to help garden, look after the tools or just supervise.

to find out more about KNUTSFORD GROW click here


Knutsford Volunteer Bureau is always looking for more Volunteers....

Who Are Volunteers? People like you. Whether your young or old, male or female, working or studying, unemployed or retired, trained or untrained, you can be a volunteer. Help from YOU could make all the difference.

Click here to find out more about becoming a Volunteer




Your local Environment

Knutsford has the facilities for the recycling of many unwanted items.

Melting old bottles to make new glass uses less heat energy than making totally new glass - about 1 litre of oil is saved for every 4 bottles you put in the bottle bank
  Wildlife Trusts

Knutsford's Shaw Heath Recycling Point has facilities for scrap metal, paper, glass, textiles, oil and cans.  For more information on the benefits of recycling see our environment  section.