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Shaw Heath
Recycling Point
01565 650944

Scrap Metal


Westfield Drive
Recycling Point


What did you throw away this week?
Every year we generate over 400 million tonnes of waste in the United Kingdom.  Most of this has to be disposed of through landfill and incineration.

The production of waste will continue - but its impact on the environment can be reduced.  Only by taking more responsibility for our waste, as individuals and as communities, can we ensure that our environment is protected both now and for future generations.

Using old aluminium from used cans is a 
great energy saver -  for every eight cans recycled, 
a litre of fuel is saved.
Wildlife Trusts

The key is to reduce the quantity of waste we produce and to recycle or compost a large percentage of our household waste.

Everyone has an important contribution to make.  Start making your contribution now.  See what you can do straight away as a householder and as a consumer.  HMSO


Bottles & Newspapers  -  Facilities for recycling glass, drink cans, newspapers and magazines are now widespread.

There are many environmental advantages in 
recycling materials.  Less energy is used, resulting 
in less pollution


Household Waste
-   To encourage the recycling of waste, the Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority are offering organisations money for every tonne of household waste they recycle.  For further details call (0161 911 3581)

Make compost from kitchen or garden waste 
and give food scraps to birds


Oil & Batteries
  -  It is illegal to pour motor oil down the drain.  Car batteries should be disposed of safely and not thrown out with household waste.  Macclesfield Borough Council can advise on how to dispose of these materials. (01652 500500)

Taking part in recycling enables people to help the environment and gives a sense of individual responsibility
 for the waste which we all help to create


Household Appliances
  -  Advertise things like washing machines, freezers, fridges & furniture in your local paper - someone else can probably use them.  It is potentially dangerous to dump these appliances, not only to children and animals, but because fridges and freezers contain CFC's.  Macclesfield Borough Council can advise on how to dispose of these appliances carefully. (01652 500500)

Recycling reduces the amount of waste which 
needs to be landfilled or incinerated


Aluminum Foil
  -  You can collect takeaway containers; pie cases; milk bottle tops; cooking foil; yoghurt & butter tops; chocolate wrappers.

Foil is collected, sorted and baled by the Community Service and then sold for recycling.
Material recycling reduces the demand for virgin raw materials.  As many of these virgin raw materials have to be imported, recycling may also benefit the economy.

The four 'Rs'

Reduce the amount of waste that needs to be disposed of  - by composting, if you can.


Re-use things, such as bottles carrier bags and ferillable containers.


Recycle things - use local recycling facilities for such items as bottles, cans, paper, plastic & rags.


Repair things - don't always replace damaged goods with new ones.

Did you know...

Every nine months we produce enough waste in the UK to fill Lake Windermere.

Each year in Britain, we throw away and bury cans worth a total of 24 million - about 90 drinks cans per person. Wildlife Trusts

Floating plastic bags look like appetising food to marine life, yet can kill if they are swallowed.

Discarded fishing lines can maim and kill waterbirds.




Knutsford's Brook Street Library has lots more information on how you can help our environment.