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Knutsford Town Council

Knutsford town centreThe Town Council was formed in 1974 following reorganisation of Local Government and succeeded the former Urban District Council. There are 15 councillors representing the wards of Bexton, Nether, Over and Norbury Booths. The Town Mayor is elected annually at the first meeting in May. Councillors do not receive any payment for their role as councillor and give their time voluntarily for the benefit of the whole community. Although the Council has mainly advisory powers its members work to ensure that Local issues are properly understood at Borough and County level. It aims to enhance the quality of life for all residents of Knutsford through a range of initiatives within a realistic budget.
The town council can be contacted via email on knutsford.tc@btopenworld.com

Statutory Powers - What The Council Does
Issues in KnutsfordIssues in KnutsfordIssues in Knutsford
Tax - raises money through a precept.

Tourism - encourages tourism through the production of a Town Guide/leaflet.

Arts & Culture - Supports the arts and cultural activity eg sponsorship of concerts, support of the Heritage Centre and the Little Theatre.
Environment - improvements to the area.
Street Scene - provides new street furniture in consultation with Highway Authority, and also plant flowering displays.
Planning - Makes representations at Public Enquiries on behalf of the community. Responds to consultation documents issued by MBC, CCC, and government Responds to planning applications in relation to planning guidelines and MBC's Local Plan for Knutsford.
Safety - Works with the police, MBC and CCC on issues affecting public safety including traffic calming measures.
Grants - Acting for the people of Knutsford the Council gave grants to various local organisations ranging from the Old Folks Club and the Little Theatre to the Toft Taverners and GROW.
Council Offices

Knutsford Town Council
Council Offices
Toft Road
WA16 6TA
Tel: 01565 653929

Useful Information
Macclesfield Borough Council
Tel: 01625 500500
Knutsford Household Waste
Tel: 01565 650944
MBC Refuse/Street Cleaning
Tel: 01625 504777
Road/Pavement Maintenance
Tel: 01625 504799
MBC Housing Needs
Tel: 01625 504460



Town Council Meetings are listed below. In addition to the meetings listed the Environmental Committee generally meets in the Council Chamber on the first Monday in every month at 7.00pm. All of the meetings are open to the public. Electors of Knutsford Town Council may participate in a ten minute Public Question time at every Council meeting except the A.G.M.