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What is Local Agenda 21?

Local Agenda 21 is an Environmental Action Plan. It aims to help conserve world and local resources for future generations. Agenda 21 wants us to take a look at how we use the land, water and energy. Examine how we can reduce pollution and waste and how we are able to protect wildlife and landscapes.

It is important for us all to take a look at our lives and how we directly affect the environment. Can we establish patterns in our work, our homes, our business, councils and government that will prevent finite stocks diminishing and damaging pollutants being created?

Action is for all of us - together we can make a difference.

How was Cheshire's Agenda 21 prepared?

The 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro was attended by over 180 nations and challenged local government to prepare environmental plans - Agenda 21.

County & District Councils in Cheshire involved their communities in different ways to produce their Local Agenda 21 plans. 40 representatives from large companies, voluntary organisations and public authorities were invited to prepare a countywide plan. This group, known as the Sustainable Cheshire Forum, agreed its strategy and action plan in September 1996. There are 8 major areas for action:

Energy, Waste, Air, Land, Wildlife, Water, Transport, ECO Audit.

Local Agenda 21 in Cheshire

Each local authority in Cheshire now has a Local Agenda 21 programme underway. Regular Newsletters provide information on the countywide Sustainable Cheshire Forum and the initiatives by individual district councils. Each authority has a nominated Local Agenda 21 Co-ordinator.

The Main points of contact for Agenda 21 in Cheshire are:

Chester Jean Briffett 01244 402326
Congleton Fiona Gardner 01270 769453
Crewe/Nantwich Phil Riding 01270 537426
E.Port & Neston David Jeffreys 0151 356 6799
Halton Debbie Houghton 0151 424 2061
Macclesfield Paul Ancell 01625 504672
Vale Royal Laura Needham 01606 862862
Warrington Mark Floyd 01925 442529
Cheshire Joan Fairhurst 01244 603125

To contribute to the newsletters or add your name and address to the distribution list contact:

Joan Fairhurst
Environmental Planning Service
Cheshire Count Council
Commerce House
Hunter Street
Telephone: 01244 603125
Fax: 01244 603360
Email: fairhurstjm@cheshire.gov.uk

ECO net Project

The Cheshire ECOnet Project has been supported by 4 years of funding from the EU Life Environment Programme. Using computer generated master plans and landscape ecology principles for guidance, the scheme aims to create new links between scattered wildlife habitats. For more about this exciting initiative visit the website at