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Smiles better at Woods the Butchers

With the latest scandal surrounding the content and mis-labelling of supermarket products and the subsequent withdrawal from Waitrose, of their beef meatballs, following concerns about their content, it makes sense to shop at your local butchers.'

Support Woods the Butcher's:
The presentation, variety and cuts of meat on display, all from local producers, award winning home made pies and sausages with an array of prepared dishes for dinner parties and barbecues persuaded me that there really is an alternative to shopping at the supermarkets. The willingness of the staff to satisfy their customers and giving advice on the most suitable joints for a particular dish is invaluable. They clearly promote the best that Cheshire's Farmers produce and help you enjoy the fruits of their labour.

The award winning pies and sausages for which they have won National Competitions makes Woods a definite must on all your shopping expeditions.
Drop in to our shop at:

34 Princess Street
or Call: 01565 633268

Woods the Butchers
Address: 34 Princess Street Knutsford, Cheshire
Telephone: 01565 633268
Description: Butchers.

Edwards and Emmess
Address: Market Hall, Silk St, Knutsford
Description: Family Butchers since 1964

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The award winning pies and sausages