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South Trafford Archaeology



Mark Olly, ArchaeologistMark always welcomes feedback relating to the historical and archaeological areas he covers. If you have any useful or interesting information to share please get in touch. If there is something that you'd like to know, send your question to Mark who will try to answer as many as time allows.
Find out more about Mark Olly biography page.

Please email Mark if you would like more details about any of his projects or would like details about his presentations and how to book him.

  Tatton Mere As a regular visiter to Knutsford and Tatton Park I have often wondered is the Lake a natural feature or part of a landscaping scheme, is the small raised dyke that runs alongside the lake a form of flood control... Tatton Park
  Bucklow Hill & Rostherne - the Lake of the Holy Cross Rostherne Mere, the largest and certainly one of the most picturesque lakes and villages in Cheshire. ... The Swan Bucklow Hill
  Knutsford - Archers & Chapels After Domesday all Cheshire belonged to the Norman Overlord Hugh Lupus (Hugh 'The Wolf') ... Tatton
  Exploring Tatton Old Hall At first glance Tatton Old Hall is an undistinguished red brick farm house with a stone slab roof ... Tatton
  The Vanishing Villages of Tatton (Part 2) It is thought that the name 'TATTON' is derived from 'TATTERS-TUN', the Anglo-Saxon for the town or village... Tatton
  The Vanishing Villages of Tatton (Part 1) Enter the Rostherne gate of Tatton Park and take the left turn at the top of the drive before you reach the Stately Home and follow signs for the 'Old Hall' ... Tatton







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Celtic Warrington & Other Mysteries
Volume 1: Warrington North To East   ISBN 189794943X
Volume 2: Warrington East To South  ISBN 189794957X
Volume 3: Warrington South To West

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