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Who is Mark Olly? Mark is a Cheshire writer & archaeologist

What is the Celtic Warrington Project? CWP is a research project on Warrington's dark age past

Mark and Virtual- Knutsford - Virtual-Knutsford is Mark's 'official' website, promoting his work on Cheshire's history and archaeology






Mark Olly - Biography

Mark Olly is a Cheshire writer and archaeologist who established and runs the archaeological unit CWP Archaeology (Celtic Warrington Project) whose aim is to document all prehistoric and Dark Age remains in the Mid Mersey Valley, North Cheshire and South Lancashire, using Warrington as the central point. This is a unique historical project for the North West British Isles, revealing an unsuspected picture of the region in Dark Age times. The project receives no funding of any kind and therefore help and assistance is always appreciated.

Mark was born, and has lived almost all his life, in Warrington. He is a musician, artist, photographer, writer, and archaeologist, and holds a Certificate of Ministry and a Diploma of Biblical Studies

He trained in field archaeology with Liverpool University in the 1970's and 1980's, working on local sites, and set up CWP Archaeology in 1999. Among sites he has been involved with are the Wilderspool Roman settlement in Warrington, Norton Priory in Runcorn, the Roman road at High Legh, and prehistoric Lespuge caves in Southern France, to name a few.

Mark writes on archaeology and other subjects for local and national press and publications, gives talks on archaeology and other topics, and acts as consultant to Element Books. His books include the 'Celtic Warrington & Other Mysteries' volumes, which have been based on six years of research.

Mark's interests and activities are wide ranging and also include 'The Door - Histories, Mysteries & discoveries group', a weekly discussion group, and 'Dalraida The Norsemen', a dark age, living history, re-enactment aspect of Celtic Warrington.

Mark joined forces with Virtual-Knutsford in June 2000 and his work is a regular feature on the site. The second of Mark's 'Celtic Warrington & Other Mysteries' volumes, which covers Knutsford and surrounding areas, appears in regular installments.
The material that we feature from this book includes additional information, illustrations, and photographic material not seen in the book.

Mark's work on CWP is a valuable and unique endeavour, and his contribution to Virtual-Knutsford is a fascinating, readable, and highly enjoyable element of a site which aims to bring its visitors up to date and informative content.

Books by Mark Olly

Celtic Warrington & Other Mysteries

Volume 1: Warrington North To East   ISBN 189794943X
Volume 2: Warrington East To South  ISBN 189794957X
Volume 3: Warrington South To West (available 2002)

Published by Churnet Valley Books


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